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Get in for free

Sign up your store for free! Start promoting your business on mobile.

Create and manage

Create and manage

Easily create mobile coupons and manage the mobile presence of your store.

Visibility on the app

Visibility on the app

Your store will be present on the best store-finder app. (available for iOS)


Sign up for free

Sign up your store for free. Registration takes 2 seconds and you can immediately start promoting your business.

Easy to use

Managing your shop has never been so easy! Our dashboard will help you getting the best from the web and mobile.

Create deals

Create your own deals! It’s easy and super simple. With only 4 clicks you can create your mobile coupons. Try it!

Manage and stats

How is your promotion performing? We offer you the perfect data to measure your performance. Practice makes perfect!

Mobile power

Mobile is the future for your business. Our app will help you getting real clients interested in buying your wonderful products!

Increase visibility

Your shop and your coupons will be on the best shopping app. Every day thousands of shopaholics will see your shop and coupons.


We are creating a super-fast and automatic way to redeem mobile coupons. Just concentrate on selling, we’ll do the rest!

More clients

Stop hoping for clients to pop-up from nowhere!  Start using Shoppaz and actively manage your store. Clients will find you and love your store.

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